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His Majesty King Abdullah returned to Jordan on Friday after concluding a working visit to New York City, where His Majesty headed Jordan’s delegation at the 72nd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
22 September 2017
His Majesty King Abdullah on Wednesday sent a cable to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, expressing condolences over the victims of the earthquake that hit central Mexico, taking many lives and injuring hundreds more.
20 September 2017

In Focus

His Majesty King Abdullah II inspects the Senior, Intermediate and Junior Divisions at RMA Sandhurst
His Majesty King Abdullah II presents awards to excelling officer cadets at RMA Sandhurs
His Majesty King Abdullah II during the graduation ceremony of officer cadets at RMA Sandhurst
A family photo from HRH the Crown Prince’s Commissioning Parade at Sandhurst


Islam teaches that all humanity is equal in dignity. There is no distinction among different nations or regions or races. The Qur'an forbids coercion in religion. Every citizen is guaranteed the state’s protection for their lives, families, properties, honour...
20 September 2016
The winds of terrorism that are blowing in our region do not recognise borders or nationalities. In fact, terrorists seek to distort the image of Islam and its message of tolerance; and the anti-terror fight is the fight of Muslims…
25 July 2016
We affirm our commitment to carrying out our religious and historical duty in protecting the Holy Sites in Jerusalem and standing up to Israeli violations, especially those targeting Al Aqsa Mosque and Al Haram Al Sharif, using all available means.
25 July 2016
This nation was built on unity and a unifying national identity that embraces all those, who, with dignity and pride in being Jordanian, believe in this country, cherish and defend it. Every citizen is a full partner in the process of building, hard work and...
24 May 2016
Despite all the challenges, Jordan’s solid national unity, social coherence and peaceful nature give it strength.
24 May 2016