Letter accepting the resignation of Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh

From King Abdallah II of Jordan
To Fayez Tarawneh
RE: The resignation of the government of Prime Minister Fayez Tarawneh
10 October 2012
Translated from Arabic
In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate 
Your Excellency Dr. Fayez Tarawneh,
It is my pleasure to convey to you my sincerest greetings, praying that God grant you success and preserve you.
I have received your letter of resignation with deep appreciation. It reflected the personal attributes I know of you:  love and loyalty to your country, keenness on performing your duties fully and efficiently, dedication, integrity, high sense of responsibility, altruism and self-denial.
I entrusted you with forming a government more than five months ago, at a critical stage in our national process, which has been witnessing exceptional conditions and developments at the regional, international and local levels. These developments have had considerable repercussions on the national process in our dear Jordan. They added new qualitative challenges to the challenges we were already facing, but we have managed to address them in the only way possible: through even harder and more sincere work. We transformed these challenges into opportunities by accelerating the political and economic reforms process and democratisation, which marked a genuine quality leap in the national process, touching on all its aspects and dimensions.
Despite the short duration of your tenure, you were up to expectations under these exceptional circumstances.
You did not disappoint my expectations, as you fully understood the nature of the stage and its requirements, which included swift completion of tasks and courage in decision-making. In addition, you did not shelve problems or postpone tackling them to a later stage.
Within this context, the achievements of your government have been a source of pride and praise-worthy, at both the economic and political levels. One of these accomplishments was that we moved from calls for reform to actual implementation of the pieces of legislation that govern political reform, as stipulated by the far-reaching constitutional amendments. These included the establishment of the Independent Elections Commission, the Political Parties Law, the Constitutional Court Law and the establishment of the Court, the Elections Law and the Press and Publications Law, along with the plans, programmes and investment and development projects required as part of economic reforms.
This government, with all its agencies and departments, successfully navigated the exceptional circumstances our beloved Jordan has been experiencing, including dealing in a civilised and sophisticated manner with all activities in which people expressed their opinions, such as rallies and sit-ins, or any other form of protest. This reflected respect for the views of others, sense of responsibility and the noble values on which this country was founded: respect of individual freedoms and rights and the right to participate in the national process.
I am aware that you, your colleagues and all state agencies have endured a lot in the process, showing a high degree of patience and tolerance. May God reward you for the good job you have done in serving your country.
As you present your resignation letter, I accept it, voicing my deep appreciation for what this government has achieved, as well as my pride in you as a dedicated soldier to this country and a statesman who embraces responsibility with courage and sincerity and excels in the fulfillment of his duties.
Your Excellency, you will remain worthy of my trust, respect and appreciation. Jordan’s men and women will remember you for what you have given your homeland. I pray that God preserve you and grant you success and happiness.
Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you
Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein