Letter to Mashal Mohammad Al Zaben accepting his resignation

From King Abdallah II of Jordan
To Mashal Mohammad Al Zaben
RE: The resignation of the King's Advisor for Military Affairs and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mashal Al Zaben
02 October 2016
Translated from Arabic

In the Name of God, the Most Merciful, the Compassionate,

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you,

Several years ago, I had entrusted you to assume the post of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Throughout the years of your service, you have been a military leader who has upheld and delivered on his responsibilities and duties, performing them with utmost confidence, courage and honour.

You rose up to the expectations and set an example of devotion in carrying out your duties under very difficult regional circumstances and challenges that our Armed Forces rose up to face with excellence, earning worldwide respect and recognition, while continuing to carry the banner of the Great Arab Revolt army and its Hashemite message with honour and dignity.

After forty-five years of continuous service in our Armed Forces, it is time for you to move on to another position where you can carry on serving our beloved country. I wish you all the success in your new role. You will always be close to me and a person whom I trust, respect and hold in high esteem.

I pray to God to preserve and protect you and to help us all serve our beloved Jordan.

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you,

Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein