Address to the Nation by His Majesty King Abdullah II on the 25th Accession to the Throne Day

Address to the Nation by His Majesty King Abdullah II on the 25th Accession to the Throne Day

09 June 2024

خطاب جلالة الملك عبدالله الثاني للأردنيين والأردنيات في الفعالية الوطنية بمناسبة اليوبيل الفضي

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


My brothers and sisters,

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you,

It has been twenty-five years since I have shouldered the responsibility of serving our homeland—our dear Jordan, its land and honourable people. I see in them men, women, and youth, with their heads held high and their values deeply rooted.

I see in them the brave soldier rushing to the border to aid a mother and her children, taking them to safety; the humane doctor who does not hesitate for a moment to assist his fellow brothers and sisters under shelling and in the thick of battle.

I see a teacher’s devotion to the noblest of callings to raise a generation, and a youth’s determination to take the initiative and make achievements to build the nation.

And in every corner of this great nation, I see the sacrifices of fathers and mothers who have not spared an effort for the betterment of their children.

I see the Jordanian who has persevered and excelled; rushing to provide aid in times of need; supporting a fellow brother or sister who suffered injustice; providing shelter to those seeking it; representing a model in defending and sacrificing for the nation’s causes; learning the values of chivalry in the ranks of our Armed Forces and security agencies, and having the honour to sacrifice for this nation and gain the respect of us all.

I see men and women who continue to build, create, and innovate to put Jordan at the forefront wherever they are.

This is the essence of the Jordanian I know and take great pride in before the whole world, confident in my great people, who have earned global respect for their stances, principles, humanity, and noble values.


My Jordanian family,

I stand before you today after a journey of a quarter of a century. Twenty-five years that were never without challenges, but have abounded with your achievements at times that crises took the world by storm, during which we faced together the ramifications of unprecedented wars and crises in the region.

And our Jordanian identity is and will always remain our source of strength that brings us together in the face of danger, and with it we protected the progress of our state and society. We united behind the flag to counter the khawarej and those who incited sedition; and we overcame regional chaos, protecting Jordan from its impact.

We have never hesitated. Confidently, we built, we developed, we strived, we succeeded, we made mistakes, and we were always keen to modernise and readjust, without deviating from our goals and ambitions.

And we will never hesitate. With your determination, we have withstood the most difficult of tests, and we have proven together that this country is strong and enduring in the face of all difficulties. Jordan remains resilient, steady against changing circumstances, and always the first to answer the call of duty.

This all is the source of my confidence in Jordan, and I have full faith that we can, with a clear vision, confidently move forward towards the future we deserve—without hesitation, fear, or surrender.

Success today is rooted in human talents, competencies, and capabilities. Jordan is rich in its youth’s potential, as well as its capabilities, expertise, and economic relations with the world, and we have broad horizons to increase investment in many promising fields and sectors.

We all have the responsibility of comprehensive modernisation and unleashing our economic potential in the coming years, for a Jordan where opportunities are enhanced and achievements are maximised for present and future generations. I am fully confident that Jordanians are up to the task of continuing the process of modernisation and progress towards a greater future.


My brothers and sisters,

Today, I stand among a proud and resilient people, whom I have the honour to faithfully serve. I am proud to be Jordanian; for Jordan is achievement during the harshest of circumstances, perseverance during the most difficult of times, and standing firm by what is right during the toughest of situations.

This is the Jordan to which we belong, the Jordan we built together.

And today, I thank you, for you have always been by my side; from my big family across this great nation, I draw the will and optimism, and from my small family, love and strength. My pledge to you is that Jordan will remain free, dignified, safe, and secure.

Together, we will remain on the pledge; may God grant us success.

Peace, God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.